At Euronaval 2018, AMOG and ECA entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Signed in the presence of the Honorable David Johnston from the Australian Export Defence Office, the MoU was a commitment by both parties to work together on a deperming station program. 

In the Defence environment, a Deperming System is used to reduce the risk of magnetic sensor detection of steel hull vessels, both surface ships and submarines. Deperming cancels magnetisation by passing an electric current through coils to alter the magnetic signature of the vessel and helps protect vessels by acting as a form of camouflage from electro-magnetic detection, and as a precaution against magnetic mines. The proposed AMOG-ECA solution utilises a subsea system, using coils laid on the sea bed, rather than the traditional wrapping process. Utilising this system, the entire deperming operation can be reduced to as little as four hours.

The ECA Group also confirmed their partnership with THYCON for the installation of electrical equipment for Australia’s Future Submarine Project. THYCON will also supply components for the AMOG-ECA deperming system.

Images: AMOG CEO Professor Andrew Potts, The ECA Group’s Philippe Novelli, Thycon’s Pia Nanut, and the Honorable David Johnston from the Australian Export Defence Office.

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