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In the Defence environment, stealth is paramount. Deperming Systems can be used to reduce the risk of magnetic detection of steel hull vessels, both surface ships and submarines. Deperming cancels permanent magnetisation by creating a magnetic field by passing an electrical current through coils to reduce the magnetic signature of the vessel and protect her from magnetic detection by magnetic mines or by MAD system (magnetic anomaly detection). Advanced Magnetic Ranges Australia is about developing a solution that utilises a subsea system, using coils laid on the sea bed, rather than the traditional wrapping process. This system, allows the entire deperming operation to be reduced to as little as one day and reduce drastically vessel’s downtime.

AMRA’s proposed deperming system is an over-run treatment range for submarines and surface ships with:

  • Magnetic treatment of both submarines and surface ships
  • Fast treatment time
  • High precision of measurement and treatment
  • Ability to measure the complete signature of the vessel through vertical compensation coil (separation of induced and permanent vertical magnetisations by measurement and not by estimation)
  • Ability to be combined with range multi-influence
  • Degaussing system calibration and checking
  • Low maintenance needs

Overrun stations can operate without any cable-wrapping operations. The treatment loop and sensors can be fixed so displacement-related damages are avoided and maintenance is reduced.

Ship trajectory is determined with DGPS receivers and visualised with MapsDRS software modules. The over-run treatment range can be combined with a multi-influence range: acoustic, magnetic, electric, and pressure.

For more information, please contact Advanced Magnetic Ranges Australia’s Melbourne office (see details below).


Advanced Magnetic Ranges Australia (AMRA) is an Australian-based company that is a joint venture between AMOG Ventures Pty Ltd and ECA Group. AMRA integrates the knowledge of these companies, acquired over a combined period of more than 100 years, to offer an advanced deperming solution for submarines and surface ships.

The ECA Group is renowned for its expertise in robotics, automated systems, simulation and industrial processes. Since 1936 it has been developing comprehensive and innovative technological solutions to perform complex missions in hostile or restrictive environments.

Its products are used by a demanding international clientele requiring the highest levels of safety and efficiency, mainly in the sectors of defence, maritime, aerospace, simulation, energy and industrial equipment. ECA Group has always been at the forefront of innovation ever since it was founded in 1936. It has built up the trust of its customers around the world thanks to the reliability and performance of its solutions, at minimum cost. Right now, our R&T teams are imagining robotics systems for the year 2020, to meet our customers’ needs even more effectively.

“Two of our strongest commitments are to innovate to find efficient and reliable solutions, and to support our customers when they operate our technical solutions” underlines Raphaël Gorgé, Chairman of the ECA Group.  This commitment to reliability and efficiency is put into operation by all the men and women of the ECA Group.  It is summed up by the group’s tagline: Make Sure.

AMOG is a leading global solutions provider to Defence and Defence Industry, as well as the energy, resources, transport and maritime construction industries.

A privately owned Australian company, the AMOG team of consulting engineers, project managers and technicians have been solving big problems for nearly 30 years. From our early days as the Australian Marine and Offshore Group, AMOG have grown to a global network, evolving our capability and resources to meet increasing demand from a number of industries.

AMOG combine the expertise of qualified, practiced and forward-thinking engineers the power of its international network. AMOG solves complex, challenging engineering problems. AMOG engineers solutions by intimately understanding the breadth and depth of each issue; applying science, technology and clever thinking; conducting modelling, simulation and testing; and utilising experience to get it right. AMOG delivers industry-leading engineering know-how to projects of any scale.

“Our clients trust in our cutting edge solutions to help them operate more effectively, safety and profitably. That’s how we add outstanding value,” states Ben Clark, CEO of AMOG. 

key people



Shireane McKinnie is a highly accomplished leader in acquisition and sustainment of complex, high technology systems. She has successfully delivered a range of programs to the Australian Defence Force across the Maritime, Aerospace, Electronics and Land sectors.  In 2010 she won the Public Service Medal for outstanding achievement in Defence acquisition and for her contribution to the engineering profession.

Shireane was appointed as Chair of the AMRA Board in September 2019. She also holds a number of positions on State and Federal Government Boards and Committees  and is a member of Engineers Australia Information, Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering College Board. In 2015 Shireane was awarded an Honorary Fellow of Engineers Australia, the highest Engineers Australia membership award for conspicuous service to the engineering profession. In 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2015 Shireane was also named by Engineers Australia as one of the 100 most influential engineers.


ECA Group

Philippe Novelli joined ECA Group in 2008 as General Manager of its subsidiary specialising in electrical solutions for harsh environments. He has successfully delivered a number of ECA Group projects for both French and International customers in submarine and magnetic risk management domains



Ben Clark is the CEO and Managing Director of AMOG and joined the company in 2006. Prior to AMOG, he served as a specialist Frigate and Deep Draught Navigator and Principal Warfare Officer in the Royal Australian Navy and was also the Deputy Port Manager at Fleet Base West, and an instructor at the Royal Australian Navy’s School of Navigation.



Rear Admiral Marshall is an experienced senior executive and engineer, with a distinguished career in the Royal Australian Navy.  Upon his retirement from the RAN, RADM Marshall was appointed by the Chief of Navy as an independent Technical Member of the Defence Seaworthiness Board. He is also a non-executive board member of AMOG Pty Ltd and AMOG Holdings Pty Ltd.



Dan Washington joined AMOG in 2002, and is an Executive Director of AMOG Holdings Pty Ltd. Prior to AMOG, he served as a Weapons Electrical Engineer Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, and has wide consulting experience in Safety Engineering and Management as well as extensive experience in the conduct of military system safety programs, particularly for naval projects, including those associated with ordnance and submarine safety systems.


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